Marketing Technology Consultant

Mohit Nihalani

MSc. Marketing and Strategy – University of Warwick MBA – McMaster University

Mohit leverages his demand generation and marketing experience to provide end-to-end consulting ranging from implementation of platforms, to creating successful and sustainable lifecycle, scoring, attribution, and revenue cycle models to optimize clients’ pipeline.

He has a great deal of experience integrating and implementing support tools, applications, and programs with automation.

Light bulb moment:

When implementing a marketing strategy across several platforms, it's important to have unison over the “why” before pursuing the “how.” It might be easy to get caught up in the technicalities, which is why context and communication is essential and simplicity to build a foundation is paramount.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever.:

That I bring a crystal clear, succinct and resourceful approach towards consulting.

Job title I wish I had:

Director of Football, Manchester United

Best place I’ve ever been:

Oaxaca, Mexico (for the perfect combination of phenomenal culture and cuisine)

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