Marketing Specialist

Liam Colby

B.Sc., Strategic Marketing, Plymouth State University

Liam is a graduate of Plymouth State University with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design.

As a Marketing Specialist, he enjoys watching trends, researching the digital world, and implementing the results to strategies and campaigns for Demand Spring. Nothing says a job well done to him better than learning something new.

Not sure I should share this, but…:
I’m always listening to music when I work, whether it’s streaming, CD, cassette, or vinyl.
If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life::
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Best place I’ve ever been:
The Grand Canyon (and everywhere in between on the drive there).

Unique personalities, similar talents


Marc Tessier

With a background in web development and computer engineering technology, Marc is a multi-talented, multi-platform developer delivering creative mobile-friendly client-focused solutions.

Senior Client Catalyst

Andrea Schiavone

With a get-it-done attitude and legendary attention to detail, Andrea juggles the many moving parts of our client relationships, and she does it with a smile.

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Marketing Technology Consultant

Ryan Laushway

In his role as a Marketing Technology Consultant, Marketo Certified Expert Ryan supports clients’ marketing efforts by building engaging programs, emails, webinars and events.

Marketing Specialist

Liam Colby

Liam is a graduate of Plymouth State University with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design.

Associate Marketing Technology Consultant

Laila Lacroix

Laila is a graduate of George Brown College, based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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