Senior Marketing Technology Consultant

John Cronin

John is a Digital Evangelist, Storyteller & Creative Enabler with 20+ years of managing various digital online initiatives, teams, programs, and communities to increase impact through modern-day technologies. He is a highly effective collaborator who works cross-functionally to build consensus around long-term corporate vision, as he believes success depends on the team’s strength. Ultimately, he wants to bring his experience and knowledge to the table and contribute to the bottom line.

When not developing innovative, data-driven, multi-dimensional strategies and tactics to improve customer and business outcomes, John is a wildlife enthusiast and renaissance man. When John is not exploring the unknown, he enjoys educating others in marketing technology.

Not sure I should share this, but...

General contracted two houses in central Austin at the same time, well working a day job. One of them being my current home. I have owned over 85 cars and bought and sold them as a hobby. I have a passion for crypto, really any investments that make passive or residual income.

Best place I've ever been:


If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life:

Thai yellow curry

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