Marketing Technology Consultant

Daniel Yan

Bachelor’s, Psychology and Business, University of Waterloo

As a Marketing Technology Consultant, Dan is passionate about helping marketers achieve better results at scale. Taking a data-driven and personal approach with everyone he works with, Dan makes sure to understand your wants and needs to help you succeed.

Dan is a Marketo Certified Expert with a background in business and psychology as well as a diverse range of experience in the digital marketing space.

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Light bulb moment:
“Always ask why”. This is a guiding principle for me as a consultant. It can be so easy to do something because we’re told it’s a best practice or because it seems like everyone else is doing it. Asking “why?” helps to put things into perspective allows us as consultants and marketers to consider the impact and value of our actions.
Not sure I should share this, but…:
I’m a Master Gardener in training. I’m happy to offer advice on plants as well as Marketing Automation. I DM D&D (5e and some other variants and systems). And I’ve been an avid longboarder since university.
Best place I’ve ever been:
New Zealand. I went for the Hobbits and fell in love with the people, the culture, and the scenery. I’ll talk your ear off about it if you give me a chance.

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Marketing Technology Consultant

Daniel Yan

As a Marketing Technology Consultant, Dan is passionate about helping marketers achieve better results at scale.

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