Marketing Technology Consultant

Brooke Quinney

Bachelor of Arts Business Management, Marketing

Brooke is a Business Management, Marketing graduate from Westfield State University. As both a right and left brain thinker she brings a unique outlook when helping design, implement, and optimize MarTech stacks.

Brooke is a Marketo Certified Expert with over 4 years of direct Marketo experience. She has worked within B2B Application Security, Design, Non-profit, and Digital Advertising industries.

Not sure I should share this, but…

I have always loved photography but recently restored a 1980’s film camera that had been sitting in a box for decades! It’s incredibly fun to take a photo and hope your settings and composition was right (but not knowing until it’s been developed). Chemistry is not my strong suit but I even learned to develop my own film! I have a whole new appreciation for pre-photo editing software photography. I now keep this hunk of plastic camera on me almost always - just in case I stumble upon a film-worthy shot.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever

“We got a lot done, and we learned even more”

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life

Ice cream. Even in the New England winters.

Best place I’ve ever been

If I had to choose one place it would be Florence, Italy. This is the place I called home for half of my junior year of college. I learned a lot about life, international business, fashion marketing, and pasta. Yes, pasta! I took a full credit class on the subject (and got an A+!).

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