Marketing Technology Consultant

Aran Soos

MS CRM Dynamics - Sales Management Certification Brainstation - Data & Analytics Certificate York University - Hons BA in Communication Studies

Aran is a seasoned impact-driven Marketing Technology professional with deep expertise in CRM Strategy, Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Marketing Strategy. She uses data-driven insights to inform growth marketing strategy and direction, ensuring alignment with business goals.

Aran prides herself on being a people person. She leads with the intent to encourage and inspire her team and champions a customer focused culture to deepen client relationships.

Light bulb moment:

It’s all about people. Taking the time to build relationships and really get to know people helps with every aspect of business. The initial time spent doing this is critical to how any work/project will unfold.

Not sure I should share this, but…

I used to host speed dating events in the city! I fell into the opportunity because a friend of a friend needed a new host for their speed dating company. At the time I had just moved downtown and these events actually helped me establish a whole new friend circle.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever.:

A client once said to me “You make it make sense”. I thought that was a great succinct way to put the impact I was able to have with them and also the way I worked with them.

Job title I wish I had:

Restaurant Connoisseur

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life:

Tacos! I love and will eat all types, but my absolute favorite are shrimp tacos. Specifically the Diablo shrimp tacos from any of the Mas Playas restaurants in Toronto…yum.

Best place I’ve ever been:

I would have to say Nice, France. In my opinion it’s the perfect blend of culture and architecture with a fun city vibe. It also helps that it’s located on the gorgeous French Riviera and is a beach town. I found it to be beautifully scenic and relaxing. Another bonus…it is a short train ride away from Monaco!

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