Strategy Consultant

Alexandra Capello

B.Com., Marketing Management Major, Dalhousie University

You might find her head-down in a persona project, a multi-channel nurture strategy, a demand system audit, or producing our podcast.

As a Marketo Engage Certified Expert, Alexandra brings her depth of technical knowledge to develop advanced strategies.

Alexandra makes it her mission to learn something new and help others every day. She is known to be an energy giver, not taker. She approaches every project with fresh energy and sees any challenges that arise as opportunities.

When not pursuing her passion for Marketing, you will find Alexandra enjoying the outdoors – skiing, biking, practicing yoga, or being creative indoors while cooking, sewing or painting.


Job title I wish I had:
Co-Chief of Social
If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life :
Chocolate and peanut butter.
Best place I’ve ever been:
Beautiful British Columbia. The place I get to call home.

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Strategy Consultant

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