Engage your alumni to advocate.

Your alumni loves you. But they’ve grown tired of repetitive requests for donations.

It’s time to stop asking and start engaging.

We build, launch, and manage community platforms to bring alumni together and inspire them to advocate on your behalf. Every alumni loves its alma mater. AdvoU engages them.

For Alumni

Your alumni loved the time they spent at college.

School spirit runs deep.

But how long does affinity last if the only time they hear from you is when you’re asking for money?

AdvoU creates genuine personal and professional connections between classmates, making them exponentially more likely to give back to the school in the form of time, feedback and yes, donation.

For Athletics

Alumni advocates are the most effective resource when it comes to student-athlete recruiting.

67 percent of student-athletes indicate social media conversations as an influential factor in their ultimate enrollment decisions.

AdvoU allows alumni to share their stories with student-athletes in a fully branded, invitation-only ecosystem.

For Admissions

Something interesting happens when you engage alumni.

They hire graduating students, which in turn, attracts new admissions.

AdvoU brings alumni and seniors together to help forge professional connections.

 AdvoU fosters growth in applicants and admissions as your institution’s reputation for developing meaningful post-graduate affinity between graduates and students grows year over year.


Are you getting the most from your alumni?

Your alumni are your most loyal supporters. But they’re more than just fundraising prospects.

They generate word-of-mouth marketing throughout their social and professional networks, acting as ambassadors to promote your programs and recruit new students and student-athletes.

More than just donors, alumni are role models, providing a window into the future for current students as they act as mentors.

Isn’t it time you started making the most of the skills and networks your alumni have to offer?

With AdvoU.

Keep the lines of communication open.

This isn’t about appealing to demographics. It’s about bringing demographics together, in a community platform of their own.

AdvoU keeps the lines of communication open, ensuring alumni stay in the loop, helping build advocates with each interaction.

Using a fully branded AdvoU platform, institutions provide a social platform for alumni, through which exclusive perks such preferential access to on-campus facilities and expertise, or discount benefits through third-party suppliers.

With AdvoU the possibilities are endless.

Reconnect Old Classmates.
Create New Opportunities.

From alumni to athletics to admissions,
there’s something in AdvoU for everyone.

A community platform designed to engage AdvoU helps you motivate and reward to create genuine advocates you can leverage across your entire institution.