In the right hands, customer advocacy is a powerful source of authentic, renewable marketing fuel.

At Demand Spring, we know how to harness your happiest customers and turn them into a sustainable resource that powers your organization’s top line.

That’s why we created AdvoRamp.

Advocacy Marketing

What is AdvoRamp?

AdvoRamp is Demand Spring’s full-service,
Certified Influitive AdvocateHub launch and management service.

Pre-launch & Launch Services

It all starts with a winning strategy.
We’ll help you build it.

We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing ecosystem integration, so you know every AdvocateHub interaction is tracked, and ready for nurture.

From challenge creation to rewards and recognition, and recruitment and promotion,
we’ll make sure you AdvocateHub is ready to help turn your customers into advocates as soon we flick the switch.

Ignite your advocates. Power your pipeline.

Maximize Engagement

We leverage our demand generation expertise to recruit and nurture your customer base, maximizing hub enrolment while building long-term engagement.

To sustain engagement, you must stay relevant. That’s where personas come in.

Our deep persona research reveals how your advocates think, act, and feel, allowing you to speak their language, ensuring your content and challenges resonate.

Feed the Funnel

The sign of a truly successful advocate program is one that feeds customer-generated content back into your sales and marketing funnel.
From its top to its middle, and all the way to the bottom — we leave no lead untouched.

We integrate your AdvocateHub directly into your marketing automation and CRM systems to drive conversions at every stage of your buyers’ journeys.

Already in Orbit?

Ongoing Influitive AdvocateHub Management Services

What happens next?
Day in, day out, your customers need to be engaged.

Our team of Influitive Certified Consultants provide ongoing Hub administration, from challenge planning and creation to rewards and recognition.

We meticulously gather advocate feedback and closely monitor key metrics to make sure your Hub stays in line with your business goals.

When you’re ready to take the wheel, we’ll provide the training you need to manage your Hub like a pro.