Are you harnessing the power of your happiest customers?

Customer testimony is one of your most effective marketing tools, providing buyers with crucial evidence that you deliver on your brand promise.

Social sharing and the mobile mindset
– the Yelpification of B2B –
make advocacy more important than ever before.

% of B2B decision makers start with a referral
% of IT decision makers rely on word-of-mouth
% of B2B buyers engage with peers during the process
Referrals deliver higher-quality leads.
References close deals.
Reviews substantiate your claims.
Engaged customers stay loyal.
So how do you find your most enthusiastic
customers and mobilize them to spread the word a
bout you, in a way that’s both scalable and
As an Influitive Certified Services Partner, we help you get even more value from your passionate customer base by:
  • Aligning advocate marketing with your business objectives
  • Understanding your advocates and identifying what motivates them
  • Using the latest technologies to design a program that scales
  • Building engaging advocacy campaigns
  • Measuring and optimizing your advocate marketing program

Influitive Certified Partner

Hundreds of companies
— including Ceridian, Mitel, BMC Software, & Iron Mountain —
are using Influitive AdvocateHub to create an online ‘VIP’ portal.

Mobilize Your Advocates

In this on-demand webinar you’ll hear what defines an advocate, and what motivates them to advocate, and learn how you can align your organization to take full advantage of the benefits of advocate marketing.

Deepening Customer Engagement with Advocate Personas

Find out how personas and customer advocacy can be combined to deepen customer engagements with Influitive’s AdvocateHub.


Advocate marketing services create an environment where customers actively participate to promote your brand and reputation as they gain recognition and social status and deepen their relationship with you.

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