Getting the most from your Influitive AdvocateHub

 In Customer Advocacy

To get the most from your Influitive AdvocateHub, you must strike the right balance between give, and take.

Download it (it’s free, it’s easy!) to find out what success means in advocate marketing beyond the day one launch of your AdvocateHub.

To build a library of references you can use to win new business for the long term, and to create that vital sense of community your hub demands, you need to take a prescriptive approach to your AdvocateHub’s management.

That’s what our latest Springboard is all about.

Striking a Balance Between Give and Take Getting the most from your Influitive AdvocateHub

On the surface, you might think a newly launched AdvocateHub should do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch as new leads roll in, filling your funnel to produce a never ending stream of revenue based on your organization’s awesomeness.

Well, your organization probably is awesome, and there’s no doubt your clients love you. But translating that into AdovcateHub success is an entirely different game.

Hence the Springboard’s title, ‘Striking a Balance Between Give and Take‘. Finding that sweet spot between you the marketer and your enthusiastic advocate can be a challenge. That’s why we wrote this guide, which will give you the details you need to help you take your advocacy program to the next level.

First, it will be time for some self reflection. Ahhh. That’s better. Once you’re one with your AdvocateHub self, the guide will help you understand where your hub is today and will help you assess the commitment you’ll need to get it to where you want it to be tomorrow.

I won’t spoil the entire plot here though.

Download the guide to get the full story and start on the path to sustainable Influitive AdvocateHub marketing success!

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