Inspiring customers to create content for you

 In Customer Advocacy

Here’s the premise. B2B content marketing is broken.

We’re all under pressure to create more content, faster than ever before — which on the surface, is a  good thing. But at some point, more content is being published than can possibly be consumed by our buyers, meaning all that clever work may have gone for naught.

Inspiring customers to create content for youBut honestly, is that such a bad thing?

If you think about it, the kind of content that we tend to produce over and over pushes product, first and foremost. And at a certain point, there’s only so much a buyer can take.

And that’s where your buyer’s peers come in.

And where this ebook from Influitive comes in, too.

Inspiring Customers to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide‘ encourages us to take a new approach to content, one where you allow other people to deliver your messages so it’s trustworthy and authentic.

It turns out that the best people to trust with this job are your customer advocates. They’re passionate about your brand and are eager to share what they know about your product with their peers — peers who just happen to be your prospects.

Find out how you can start inspiring your customers to create content for you, and how doing so will produce amazing results while building stronger relationships between your business and your advocates.

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