How Staples Business Advantage engages 4 different customer types in their advocate marketing program

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Reblogged with permission from By Morgan Campbell, Influitive

The key to turning your buyers into long-term, loyal advocates for your brand is to get to know them so well you know exactly what they want and need—possibly before they do.


But what if your company caters to a lot of different buyers? How can customer marketers create targeted communications and relevant campaigns when they have a variety of potential advocate types?

That was the challenge Mary-Leslie Davis, Director of Field Marketing & Customer Engagement at Staples Business Advantage faced as she attempted to engage her customers.

And it’s why she turned to Demand Spring for help. Find out how we helped her launch an advocate experience that could be tailored to specific advocate personas by using their buyer personas as a starting point in this blog post, as published on

Customer Advocate Programs

Whether it’s B2B or B2C sales, buyers trust their peers more than any other source at every stage of the buying process.

We develop customer advocacy strategies and content which help you turn customers into advocates.

As a Premier Certified Partner of Influitive, we’ll help you implement and manage the leading technology platform for driving customer advocacy.

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